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Business Process Improvement (BPI)

'Optimizing and Merging People, Process and Technology'

What is BPI?
Business Process Improvement (BPI) is an approach organizations use to review and redesign an existing process or to design a new process. Typically, a work process consists of a series of actions or steps that produce a product or service. BPI is used to analyze the current way of doing things and to determine whether there is a better way to design how the work gets done.

Our BPI Objective is to:

  • To locate and eliminate duplication of efforts, process tasks and steps
  • Make tasks and work more transparent, controllable and monitor able
  • Locate and reduce unnecessary cycle time delays
  • Find discrepancies between the two similar distributed processes and Standardize process throughout the organization
  • Streamline and consolidate forms and paper work
  • Find opportunities for automation to further increase efficiency

BPI is used for:
  • Analyzing how effective a current process is at meeting customer expectation
  • Integrating new requirements into existing processes
  • Designing new processes
  • Implementing new process that may provide higher performance
  • New technologies or tools that could automate or simplify a process
  • Implementing best practices and international standards
  • Getting an updated set of customer requirements
  • Determining if cost can be lowered and/or improve performance

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