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Clarus LLC – Technology and Business Solutions Ltd. (TBS) Partnership

Technology and Business Solutions Ltd. (TBS) and Clarus LLC have agreed to form a technology and strategic business partnership. TBS’s Bangladesh based extensive software engineering design, development& testing, and engineering projects management experience will be applied to build a very effective and efficient Global Technical Resources Center in Bangladesh for Clarus, to complement and augment its US based systems engineering, business development and marketing operations.

Clarus LLC (http://www.clarus-llc.com) based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, is a systems engineering company, specializing in the design and development of In-flight voice and data convergence solutions with integrated aeronautical Satcom systems for Business & General Aviation (B&GA) and commercial Air Transport (AT) aircraft. Clarus is focused serving the Biz Jet market in the US, and the Low Cost Regional and Private Airlines, in Africa, Central & South America, Middle East and South East Asian regions, providing short haul, intra-country or regional flights.

Clarus Flagship Products and Solutions:

Satellite Applications Platform (SAP-212)

SAP-212 is an innovative, compact, versatile, on-board communication gateway, which also supports application hosting and distribution. It is a value packed, economical, small & light weight, aeronautical Satellite communication system solution which is designed to provide information, e-commerce, and air to ground communication and entertainment services directly to passengers via their own Wi-Fi enabled Smart phones and Tablet devices. The SAP-212 system solution is specifically designed for commercial airlines serving the Regional Air Transport market with smaller, single aisle aircraft. Look for product launch 1st.Q 2016

AeroTxt Messaging App.:

AeroTxt is a cross platform mobile messaging application available for all Google Android and Apple IOS Smart phones and Tablets. It is a FREE application, which allows users to exchange text, photos and email messages on their own communication device using its Wi-Fi interface - even while in flight, on board aircraft equipped with the Clarus SAP-212 system. The application seamlessly integrates with the user’s contact list on their communication device and enables them to exchange messages and also to make or receive phone calls for FREE, with others on their contact list who are also using the AeroTxt messaging application.

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