School Management System for Rohingya Refugee Camps.  

Service Area:System and Software DevelopmentType:Web Application
Area:Public Sector/Donor/NGO 

Solutions Provided:

Application Description: To develop and implement a comprehensive data base management system for the “Basic Education Programme in the Rohingya Refugee Camps”. The management system will provide an accurate picture of child participation in education and the quality of education in the Refugee camps across an agreed set of indicators.
Provided baseline of the present situation across the “Basic Education Programme in the Rohingya Refugee Camps”, record it in a data base management system. The system will incorporate all particulars of the students, teachers, Supervisors and SMC members such as attendance, drop out, progress, promotion, meeting/events, monitoring checklist as mentioned in the phases of work, final product, work plan and will develop a system for the data to be collected regularly and accurately.

Platform & Technology: Asp .Net, .Net 3.5 SP1 JavaScript, JQuery, C#, CSS, AJAX, JSON, XML, SQL Server 2000, IIS, 3 Tier, Object Oriented Programming (OOP)