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Volume Tester  

Service Area:System and Software DevelopmentType:Web Application
Sector:Information TechnologyCountry:Bangladesh
Area:Private Sector 

Solutions Provided: System Design, Development, Testing, Technical Writing and Documentation.

Application Description: Volume Tester is an easy to use and cost-effective yet powerful testing tool that can create thousand to million of records instantly which would have taken days or weeks. With Volume Tester you can test and analyze the performance characteristics and bottlenecks of your application under various load conditions. The application can identify and map all elements within a database including Primary and Foreign Keys. User can create data randomly, dynamically increment variable, and with fixed variable.
Benefit of the Volume Tester includes:

  *    A software testing organization that can keep up with the pace of development
  *    Increased testing coverage
  *    Make big contributions to software quality
  *    It allows you to perform extensive and realistic load testing before a system goes live

Platform & Technology: PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML. DB: MySQL (will be ported for use for other database like oracle, SQL server in the future)

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