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Third Party Monitoring, Evaluation and Support  

Service Area:System and Software DevelopmentType:Web Application
Area:Public Sector/Donor/NGO 

Solutions Provided: TBS selected to provide long term (2009-20012) Third Party Monitoring, Evaluation and Support Service to BNFE (Bureau of Non-Formal Education)GOB

Application Description: National Database (MER, Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting System) for the BEHTRUWC Project 2nd Phase (funded and supported by UNICEF, CIDA, and SIDA) for the Bureau of Non- formal Education (BNFE) under the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MoPME). BNFE manages and implements the project through partnership with 20 NGOs. Currently, the project is running 4646 learning centres attended by 116,150 learners taught and managed by approx. 6500 teachers and supervisors. The MER system will provide stakeholders and partners, key information on the outputs outcome, progress and performance of the project. The compilation of the data (learning centres, teachers, learners, supplies and equipment) will enable the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) to do quantitative and qualitative analysis on the progress of the project to take the relevant corrective measures and actions. In addition to the BPI, design and development of the new system.
Project Component:
a. Design and Develop a National Database: system design, application development, database development, integrating multiple databases, reporting system, data entry system, and webhosting.
b. Data Entry: Updating, adding, validating, and verifying new data, historical data from manual paper based to an integrated electronic database. Processed, entered, and verified over 3, 00,000 records for students and teachers including teachers profile and qualification, incentive calculation, enrollment, grades, and many other education related data (over 200 fields and variables).
c. Monitoring Evaluation & Reporting: Developed and designed numerous reports for UNICEF and BNFE-GOB to monitor and evaluate the project. Provided ongoing reports and developed reporting system to ensure reliable and accurate data related to the log frame indicators,
d. Training: Build capacity and train end-users to use and operate the new system. Trained and in the process of training 100 end-users, including NGO, UNICEF and BNFE-GOB p

Platform & Technology: Asp .Net, .Net 3.5 SP1 JavaScript, JQuery, C#, CSS, AJAX, JSON, XML, SQL Server 2000, IIS, 3 Tier, Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

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