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PABX and Mobile Call Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting System  

Service Area:System and Software DevelopmentType:Web Application
Sector:Consumer GoodsCountry:Bangladesh
Area:Private Sector 

Solutions Provided: System Design, Coding, Testing, Training, and Maintenance.

Application Description: The call monitoring system keeps track of all corporate incoming and outgoing telephone calls. The system is a web based application on top of a MS-Access database with enhanced reporting features and functionality.

Main Features:
• All employees can access the application.
• Track employee’s personal and official
• Incorporate call rates.
• Incorporate official phone numbers.
• Upload mobile calls.
• Download data into flat file.
• Exclusion report & other report.

Platform & Technology: ASP .NET 3.5, C#, CSS, JavaScript, IIS, MS-Access, MS-Chart

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