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Interactive website for the Government of Bangladesh, DC office Bagerhat  (www.dcbagerhat.gov.bd)

Service Area:System and Software DevelopmentType:Web Site
Area:Public Sector/Donor/NGO 

Solutions Provided: System Design, Content Development,Web Design, Coding, Testing, Training, and Maintenance.

Application Description: The web site manages and maintains information for the district of Bagerhat, Bangladesh. The application has been developed using Joomla, an open source content management system. The system has a robust Admin panel to manage the application, to create new information and upload images, complaints and gather feedback. Additional information uploaded are khajna for khatian, land development tax, land acquisition,khas land, and vested property

Customer can also download 19 different forms (driving license, incom tax return form passport etc.)

Platform & Technology: Joomla (Content Management System), PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, AJAX and MySQL

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