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Asset Management System (e-Asset)  

Service Area:System and Software DevelopmentType:Web Application
Sector:Finance & BankingCountry:Bangladesh
Area:Private Sector 

Solutions Provided: System Design, Development, Testing, Technical Writing and Documentation, Training, Maintenance.

Application Description: e-Asset is full blow standalone asset management system that will keep track of all assets of an organization. Features and functionality includes depreciation, accumulated depreciation, post-capitalization, impairment (unplanned depreciation) re-valuation of assets with historical data, salvage value retiring assets without revenue, Retiring assets with revenue, asset year-end processing; perform fiscal year change: opening a new fiscal year for a company code and carrying forward asset values from previous fiscal year, perform end-of year close, perform reverse of end-of year close, Transfer assets and other features, The application has rich reporting features like reports by asset class, business area, cost centre, location, group assets, leased assets and many other reports.

Platform & Technology: ASP .Net, C#, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, SQL Server 2000.

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