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Electronic Medical Information Associate (e-MIA)  

Service Area:System and Software DevelopmentType:Mobile Application
Sector: PharmaceuticalCountry:Bangladesh
Area:Private Sector 

Solutions Provided: System Design, Development, Testing, Technical Writing and Documentation, Training, Maintenance.

Application Description: e-MIA (Electronic-Medical Information Associates) is a comprehensive mobile phone based application using GPRS that streamlines the company’s sales order nationwide. This new system automates the process by which sanofi aventis medical sales representative takes order for pharmaceutical product for there customers, and through mobile technology sends the orders in real time to the head office. The sales order is further pushed downstream to the regional sale centers for added processing in SAP. The application also provides rich reporting features (mobile and desktop) for both sales personnel and management. Other features are messaging via GPRS between server to hand held device (mobile phone) providing medical sales representative instant information on sales orders and account status.

Platform & Technology: Windows, PHP, JavaScript, J2ME, HTML, GPRS. SQL Server 2000, Mobile Phone.

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