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Garments ERP System  

Service Area:Type:
Sector:Garments & TextileCountry:Bangladesh
Area:Private Sector 

Solutions Provided: Provided end-to-end testing and verification services, tasks included manual testing, test cases development, defect report, defect fix retesting, test plan, enhancement and application design recommendations. Provided detailed final report to client on validation, verification and testing results including; non-conformance/defect reports, design and architecture recommendations, and analysis of software capabilities and functionalities. Recommended that the ERP system did not meet the required specification and functionality for the client to continue with the project.

Application Description: The Garments ERP software manages a company day to day operations by combining garment product development, sourcing, sampling, purchasing and production.

Platform & Technology: ASP .Net, C#, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, SQL Server 2000

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