Technology and Business Solutions


Our Commitment

Ever since our inception, TBS has been providing Software Engineering Services in keeping to our commitment to quality, reliability and excellence. We will continue to provide even better services in the future, thanks to the support of our clients, partners and our dedicated team members

Our Clientele

Our clientele’s spans a full spectrum of organization type (small, medium to large) from Government & International Donor Agencies, NGO’s, Private Sector, Multi-Nationals and International Partners giving us the breadth of experience and knowledge in solving multifaceted problems and provide diverse solutions, based on client needs.

Who We Are

Founded in 2005 Technology and Business Solutions Ltd. (TBS) is a professional service provider designing and developing Customized Software Solutions based on clients’ needs and requirements and also providing Independent Software Quality Assurance & Testing Services.

We are passionate in our work focusing on providing Technology Solutions to Business and Social Needs. It is the convergence of People, Technology, and Enterprise that is transforming the world and how we live, work, and play.

We strive to maintain the highest quality standards by implementing strict guidelines, procedures and processes, from conceptual design to product release. Our services is geared both to the local and International (outsourcing) Market.

News Room

  • TBS and Clarus LLC based in the US has signed a joint collaboration agreement to develop software solutions  Read
  • TBS achieved ISO 9001:2008 certificate   Read
  • TBS successfully finished stage-II audit for ISO 9001:2008  Read
  • Development of ERP Solution for Bangladesh Public Administration Training Certre (BPATC) awarded to TBS   Read
  • TBS and NuMedics based in the US has signed a joint collaboration agreement to develop software solutions   Read


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